Whether you want to take a virtual tour of our building or discover the teachers who teach our students you have come to the right spot.

Virtual Tour

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Meet OUr Teachers

MWF 2's - Mrs. Heather Kearney & Mrs. Tara Concannon

TTH 2's - Mrs. Tara Concanon

MWF 3's - Mrs. Lisa Griffith & Ms. Lisa Gonzales

MWT 3's - Mrs. Carmella Weikel

TTH 3's - Ms. Lisa Gonzales

MWF 4's - Mrs. Marcia Elvidge

MWF 4's - Mrs. Cheryl Sharadin

MWF 4's - Mrs. Cathy Natalini

TTH 4's - Mrs. Cathy Natalini & Ms. Sarah Barainyak

TTH 4's - Mrs. Lisa Griffith

Kindergarten - Mrs. Amy Sharadin & Mrs. Tara Booz